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Xpress Construction is reputable for being one of the best roofers in Bergen County and home renovation company in Bergen County NJ - we have been tested and proven with its over a decade of experience. We offer you the best and complete services when it comes to your renovation needs that are performed in a swift and responsive manner.

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Xpress Construction is passionate about helping the people of New Jersey in addressing and completing their construction needs, be it a  simple remodeling or complete renovation. As a top-ranked home and business renovation company, we see to it that the services we provide express quality workmanship at a reasonable price. Our passion to serve and address your renovation needs generally includes:


Our company understands the value that each homeowner give to their home. When dealing home services, our company does not only see your property as just another building but view it as your family's home. Hence, we never settle for below average level of services from simple roof installation or home construction, Xpress Construction is fully dedicated and committed to every project we work on, regardless of its size, price, and complexity.


Our company is not only focused on serving your home, we are also unbeatable when it comes to commercial renovation. From simple remodeling to complete renovations of your business premises,  Xpress Construction delivers. We see to it that our output will not simply resolve your concern, for we pride ourselves on making our output showcasing ergonomic and dynamic designs for maximum flexibility in any work environments.

Apart from the general services we offer, residential and commercial construction, Xpress Construction is likewise known in the New Jersey for our specialized services that include mainly Roofing, Siding, and Windows installation, maintenances, improvements,  and repairs..


People of Bergen County, New Jersey would agree that the exterior siding of a property dramatically affects the appearance of such property, be it a home or a commercial building. Our company is conscious of such architectural fact, which is why our company extends our expertise in any siding projects to help you curb appeal or revitalize the previous glory of your property.


With our over a decade of experience, we have managed to help countless property owners with their window problems. We provide window replacement and installation for your home or business while considering a wide variety of styles.

Why We Are the Best Choice

With our years of service in the residential and commercial construction industry, we have managed to achieve excellence and superb customer service to the people of Bergen County New Jersey. As a home and business renovation company, we are dedicated to progress and innovation as we continue to embrace new technologies and approaches in the industry.


Xpress Construction understands not just your construction needs, but also your financial needs. We are aware that any property remodeling, renovation or repair would require a significant amount of finances to pursue and complete.

With our years of experience in roofing and home & business renovation, we are equipped with providing our customers high-quality services specializing in:

Bergen County New Jersey is has been a center of commerce and industry. It was even ranked as the 15th of the 25 top-earning towns in the United States. We are conveniently located amongst

It is our number one goal to maintain our reputation as one of Bergen County's top roofing and exterior home and business improvement companies. With such goal in mind, we continuously better ourselves and our services through constant training, research, and actual project experience. As a top roofing and exterior home & business improvement company in Bergen County New Jersey, we pride ourselves in providing our customers high-quality service outlined by timely, efficient, and safe execution of the task at hand. Such dedication for excellence has been evidenced by the positive feedback and reviews of our customers in Bergen County New Jersey.

Our company has long been part of the growth of most homes and businesses in Bergen County New Jersey. For your convenience our home office is located in:

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Xpress Construction is always ready to assist you with your renovation needs. We are located at 615 Bartell Place, Ridgewood, New Jersey. CONTACT US for a free estimate today! Call (201) 817-2100 or follow us anytime on Twitter and Facebook