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 If your roof has been showing signs of deterioration and damages such as roof leaks, damage shingles, cracked or missing shingles, and even ugly stains on your roof, Xpress Construction can be your Roofer in Bergen County NJ.  remedy the situation and provide you with the best roof repair service through our highly-trained and competent roofers.

When a minor roofing issue, such as roof leak, is overlooked, they can easily become costly problems that can significantly damage the interior of your home. That is why you should make sure that any signs of deterioration and damages should be repaired immediately. And such repair will commence with a rigorous roof inspection in order to fully assess the status of your roof, the damages it had obtained, and the necessary course of roofing action to take. In most cases that we have handled in the past, we have advised homeowners to go for roof repair first, especially if the roofing issues are not that complicated.

We want the best for you, including your budget, which is why we always recourse to the cheapest and yet reliable roofing solution such as roof repair. Unlike other roofing companies who would immediately advise for a roof replacement because it is more expensive than repair, our roofing service, particularly, roof repair, is characterized by honesty and professional integrity. We offer the best roof repair service always at a reasonable price and justifiable turnaround time.  

When you need the best quality roof repair in Bergen County New Jersey, you will want to give Xpress Construction a call for our:

  • Expertly Done Residential & Commercial Roof Repair Services
  • Roof Leak Detection
  • 24-Hour Emergency Service
  • Preventive Roof Maintenance and Repairs ce
  • Composition Shingle Repair


Why Roof Repair Should Be Your Top Home Improvement Priority


It Influences Your Property Curb Appeal & Value

If you are planning to sell your home in the next few years, the condition of your roof is critical for its success. Potential homebuyers will definitely check and scrutinize your roofing system during their visit to your property, which is why any apparent damages should be addressed through roof repairs. With a properly repaired and maintained roofing system, you can even ask for a raise of your asking price because of the added value and curb appeal that roof repair brings.

The Sooner the Fix, the Less Its Cost

Even if home-selling is not on the horizon, roof repair could still benefit you from a financial standpoint. Any standing roofing issues, such as roof leaks, if left unattended for a significant period of time will definitely cause more damages and expenses. Your best option in order to avoid unnecessary costly expenses is to immediately call your local roofing contractor such as Xpress Construction that specializes in roof repair, roof replacement, roof installation, gutters and siding service for any home improvement needs.


Your Emergency Roof Repair & Routine Roof Maintenance Partner in Ridgewood New Jersey and Nearby Bergen County Areas

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Xpress Construction has been a long time qualified and competent roofing professional in Bergen County. As a home improvement company that specializes in roofing services, we have managed to overcome various challenges in the roofing business that propelled us to be innovative, resilient, and expert in the roofing industry. We remain to be highly sought because of multi-faceted reasons including:



Through our commitment to safety and excellence, major roofing experts and government agencies have noticed the quality of our roofing services. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has seen us as a roofing company in compliance with their Renovation, Repair, and Painting (RRP) Rule, worthy of being an (EPA) Lead-Safe Certified. Similarly, we have also been accredited by the Better Business Bureau with the highest rating given to a roofing company, the A+ Rating. Thus, affirming our expertise and excellence when it comes to providing roofing service to our customers.


Aside from accreditation coming from government agencies and leading industry experts, we also have also managed to establish our presence in the community as evidenced by the positive reviews being shared on both the online and offline platforms. There have been many feedbacks and comments about our excellent service and some of which were even shared on various online platforms. Here’s What They Are Saying About Us Online!

Areas We Serve

We are centrally based in Ridgewood New Jersey, but we have decided to allow other people outside Ridgewood to experience the brilliance and expertise of our roofing team. We opted to extend our services outside Ridgewood New Jersey while serving all of North and Central New Jersey. We are available to provide any roofing services to homeowners and business owners of Bergen County NJ, including but not limited to roof repair, roof installation, roof replacement, roof maintenance, and FREE ROOF INSPECTION & ESTIMATE upon request. Simply Contact Us!  

Ease of Contact

If you want to have the best roof repair service there is in Bergen County New Jersey, you can easily reach us at (201)-817-2100. You may also visit us at 615 Bartell Pl, Ridgewood, NJ 07450, for personal consultation and queries.