Electrical Supply Stores  near Bergen County, New Jersey


Electrical products should be well-accounted for in any undertaking, for it contributes to the safety of any property. In order to help you shop reliable electrical products, Xpress Construction has listed down reputable electrical supply stores operating in Bergen County, New Jersey area.


Swift Electrical Supply company logo

Swift Electrical Supply

Swift Electrical Supply is among the notable electrical supply stores here in Bergen County, NJ that is known for its customer service. It has been positively reviewed online by various customers because of its commitment to go the extra mile to achieve the requirements and needs of customers like you.

When it comes to supplies, Swift Electrical supply offers an array of options coming from various leading brands. Some of these major brands include 3M, Hubbell Lighting, Encore Wire, Greenlife, Hammond Manufacturing, and so much more. If you are a property owner or electrician looking for best brands at a reasonable price, Swift Electrical Supply is a must check electrical supply store operating here in Bergen County, NJ.


Graybar Electric Supply company logo

Graybar Electric Supply

Is among the multi-level electrical supply store here in the United States. With over 260 stores in the US, Graybar Electric Supply happens to operate also in Bergen County, New Jersey area. They have been a leading source for electrical supplies and related accessories that goes a long way back since 1869. The company is committed to keeping your home or business safe by updating or replacing old and faulty electrical items on your property.


 Cooper Electric Supply company logo

Cooper Electric Supply

If you are looking to buy electrical stuff for your property improvement or renovation projects, you can definitely rely on the over 50 years experience of Cooper Electric Supply. With its stores located in various parts of  New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania, including one in Bergen County, New Jersey, you can be assured of best quality products at a reasonable price.

This electrical supply store assures customers of exceptional products to any aspect of the market, including those for electrical contractors, general contractors, property management, sports arenas, residential and commercial properties, and many more. They are sought in the industry for their technical knowledge, superior products, and high-level of customer service.


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