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If your basement is just a place for you to store the things you don’t need, you may be going about it the wrong way. With a reliable contractor like Xpress Construction, you could turn a dusty old basement into an area of your house that you actually use. If you live in Bergen County, NJ, and have a basement that needs more than just a spring cleaning, a basement remodeling could be just the right thing for you. 

Basement remodelling can turn your designated underground storage space into a leisure area with a small kitchen, a living space that could be used as an Airbnb (which in turn could get you a little bit of income on the side), a place for your guests to hang out, or a place for your children to play games in. With a bit of work from one of the best roofers in Bergen County and home remodeling specialist like Xpress Construction, a remodeling can transform your basement into a dark, dusty space for storing old furniture into a living part of your house.

A remodeled basement can add value to your property since a swank basement will probably turn the heads of many prospective homebuyers. With that in mind, it’s best to know the options you have when it comes to having your basement remodeled. Know What Others Are Saying About Our Services


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Know Your Various Basement Flooring Options

Similar to roofing, there are a bunch of options available for you when it comes to the type of floor you want your basement to have. As the aesthetic (or even functional) qualities of a basement tend to be overlooked in the process of building a home, a basement floor can be prone to getting moisture, may be uneven in spots, or could just be cold as the tundra. It may be in your best interest to install a new, heated floor as part of the basement remodeling process, and our team of experts here at Xpress Construction can communicate with you on your preferred floor options.

Rising numbers of homeowners decide not to cover their basement’s concrete floors but instead improve the existing concrete in their basement. Tinted and painted concrete floors have many advantages, such as their suitability for those suffering a particular allergy. A highly-skilled contractor like Xpress Construction may replicate the appearance of marble, slate or tile or apply coloring, painting, and stencils in a wide range of styles to suit the aesthetic preferences of the client. Read Here About New Jersey Uniform Construction Code Act.

Although ornamental concrete can end up costing more than other floor types, its fans point to the material’s long lifespan. Even cracks on the floor can be deemed an appealing rustic feature (unless they are signs of real structural problems). Those interested in the slippery nature of glossy sealants can probably add a non – slip ingredient to the sealer or stain prior to use.

Another option could be carpeting your floor. Due to its warmth underfoot, carpeting remains a popular option available for finished basements. A carpet is a feasible option for many homeowners as long as the basement is safe from humidity. Depending on overall quality, the price of carpeting and padding varies considerably. The advantages of the carpet also include the range of available styles and colors, its ability for soundproofing and its diverse price options.

Ceramic tiling could be another option, and they are reasonably priced as well. They are quite durable, immune to moisture, and are resistant to stains. An environmentally friendly flooring option for your remodeled basement is a cork floor. As corks are made from the bark of the tree, the trees aren’t cut down in the process of making the cork floor. These cork floors have very good insulating properties and are often quite durable, but a homeowner has to make sure that said cork floor is appropriate to be installed into a basement. Cork floors are easy to maintain, and they are immune to rot and mold. A special coating can be used to extend the life of the floor by 10 years.

Linoleum is yet another eco-friendly basement flooring option. Householders looking for a variety of design and easy maintenance options will likely take a shining to linoleum. However, there is a tendency for this material to stain. This flooring material is sturdy, but renovations can be hard if damage occurs.

Remodeling a basement’s ceiling could be a struggle because you will most likely have to work around already existing ducts, electrical and plumbing work while trying to keep your room height at a comfortable standard. A skilled builder might be able to reroute some of these electronics, but you will most probably lose some flexibility in your options in remodeling your basement to accommodate these fixtures.

Householders often turn to drywall in pursuit of a lovely, warm, and professional look for their basements. Drywall ceilings allow the basement to look as beautiful as the living spaces above the remodeled basements. Drywall could be treated with a multitude of textures applied by the applicator loader or spray. The need to frame in ductwork is one the bigger problems of drywall ceilings. The construction can be challenging because the majority of the work has to be done overhead. One other drawback is the necessity for service panels to be installed to allow access to the various pipes and wiring in the basement.

Suspended ceilings function very well in cellars with a suitable headroom. These ceilings have a dangling grid through which tiles comprise the ceiling surface. The main advantage of the suspended ceiling is that it gives plumbing, cables and ducts access. It’s also possible to add insulation to the tiles that give their own sound-insulating qualities.

Terrible-looking acoustic tiles are a relic of times gone by, with a variety of widely-available aesthetic options such as faux wood, faux metal, actual wood, vintage tin, and tiles with a plaster look to them. Most tiles offer easy wipe-cleaning. The drawbacks include the tendency of some tiles to fade over time and the loss of about eight inches of headroom.

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